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PPC AquaTight EX7 Universal RG7 Cable F Connector

Manufacturer CodePPC-EX7
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Moisture-tight Patented Design
1 Piece Construction
Connector for RG7

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PPC EX7 RG7 Universal F Connector for RG7 Cable
(1 each/unit) PPC’s revolutionary AquaTight® integrated port seal technology has now been expanded across the entire EX® Series product line! This design concept combines an EX® compression connector with an integrated port seal and guarantees the use of a port seal every time to eliminate moisture migration problems. The unique patented design of the EX® body achieves True universality on 60% through Quad Shield, PE, and PVC jacket for RG7 series cable. Now, knowing the Brand, Jacket Type and Percentage of Braided Shield Content doesn't Matter!



Bandwidth 0 MHz to 3 GHz
Impedance 75 Ohms (Nominal)
Return Loss
Insertion Loss
Better than -30 dB to 3 Ghz
Less than .10 dB to greater than 1 GHz
Operating Voltage 90 V (at 60 Hz continuous AC)
Operating Temperature -40° F to +140° F, -40° C to +60° C
Cable Range 60% - Quad Shield, PE, PVC Jacket
Cable Retention 45 lbs. (20.41 kg) Minimum 

Recommended Tools:

Description P/N
¼" - ¼" universal cable preparation tool UDT596711, DDT59611
Compression tool VT200, VT300, CATAS, CAT-AS-EX, LNS5000, LNS5010
7/16" snap torque wrench
preset to 30in-lbs (3.39 N·m).
TW207, TW309, TW307




John Mezzaluna and Associates made a Name for themselves in the Cable TV Industry, here's another reason why:

• One connector for 7 Series SCTE specification drop cables including 60% braid, Tri-shield and Quad shield.
• To reduce assembly time and simplify installation, the plastic compression sleeve is incorporated into the connector body.
• True 360° compression onto cable ensures superior RF shielding performance.
• Installation requires one-step 1/4” - 1/4” cable preparation.
• Quad-sealed system prevents moisture migration.
• Incorporates an iridescent chromate finish plus UV resistant plastic to provide a reliable, environmentally sealed product.
• Cable retention exceeds 40 lb. minimum as specified by the SCTE.

Specification Sheet

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The most Popular Connector Series from Manufacturers like PCT, PPC, F-Conn, Thomas and Betts, Holland Electronics, Apica and Digicon offered in Legacy Hex Crimp styles as well as the Newer Radial Compression formats. Be Sure and match Connectors to their respective Crimping Tools by Manufacturer Spec. Sheet for Hex Diameter size or Compression length. Coaxial Cable Connectors should be weather protected in outdoor use, and some connectors provide extra moisture migration protection when compared to others. Though the economics of Old school Hex Crimp connectors and Tools may be attractive at first, over the long haul, compression connectors offer greater Shield Connection integrity, Bandwidth, Interference Rejection and Impedance matching when compared to their Hex Crimp counterparts. Whenever possible, upgrade Coaxial Cable, Connectors, Splitters and Amplifiers to ensure compliance to the latest specifications and formats.

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