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3/16" Extra High Strength Guy Wire Strand EHS 500 Feet

Manufacturer Code3/16 EHS-500

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Extra High Strength
3,990 lbs. Breaking Pt.
3/16" Diameter
7 Wire Strand
500 Foot Coil

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3/16EHS-500 3/16 inch EHS Galvanized Stranded Steel Down Guy Wire

Galvanized 7 Strand EHS (Extra High Strength) 3/16 Inch Down Guy Wire with 3,990 lbs. of Breaking Strength. Consult Catalog Links at Footer Section below for 25G 45G 55G 65G , Nello Ameritower Tower Guy wire Details for Various Wind Loads.

3/16 EHS Guy Wire is 7 Strand Extra High Strength Down Guy Wire for 25G 45G 55G 65G Tower Guy-Off during Tower Erection, Permanant Installations, Temporary Installations and Take-Down Disassembly in a convenient 500 foot Roll Coil.

Guy Wire Shipped in Coils Only

Guy Wire Dispenser PLP-GWD ( optional )



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Tower Guy Wire Tension Guide

The recommended initial tension in guy wires is 10% of their ultimate tensile strength. There are two different grades of steel used for good guy line (clothes line does not count), HS (high strength) and EHS (extra high strength). The Rohn manual gives the following info on 3/16 and 1/4 in cable.


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