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F Male to F Female, In-Line Spike Protector

Manufacturer CodeSA-1F
AvailabilityUsually ships in 24 Hrs
ShippingCan ship Canada

HOLLAND SA-1F F Male to F Female, In-Line Spike Protector
In-Line Coaxial Surge Protector - Prevents dangerous transient spikes from damaging digital set-top boxes, cable modems, satellite receivers and other equipment in use on a coaxial cable line.

Electronic Clamping IC (SIDACtor)
Protects at Lower Voltages
Does Not Degrade with Repetitive Spikes



Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet



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Filters that are typically Notch (Channel Removal), Band Pass (Pass Specific Range) or Pass Band (Pass all BUT a Specific Range). If Installing a Filter that will affect an entire Network, it is best to install at Amplifier Input versus Output. Notch Filters are part of but not completely effectual alone for Channel Elimination. Common Band Pass and Pass Band Filter examples are Diplexers and Separators. Very Few Filters handle Voltage Pass, be Carefull to ascertain their Capability prior to Use.

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